هنا، ألوذ في هدأة هذا الليل براحةٍ من قيظ النّهار. هنا، أحوك في الفكر خواطر، وأولّد على الشّفة بنات. هنا، ابتسامات حنين ترجّع صدى طفولةٍ نائية، وقصص حبّ طواها الزّمن. هنا، حلمٌ بغدٍ أجمل
في بيروت

صوت جوج وترجمة ميرفت وهزيمة رمزي لجحافل الكود المستبدّة أدناه جعلت هذه التّدوينة مميّزة جدّاً بالنّسبة لي. شكراً لكم :)

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على فكرة، مرحبا ضحى في عالم التّدوين!

  • At ٧/٨/٠٦ ٤:٥٥ ص, Blogger Hashem said…

    وببيروت في بعد ناس عم تحس وعم تكتب ...لحتى التاريخ مايهمل وما يرحم
    ببيروت بعد في أشيا كتير حلوة...وناس أحلى
    ببيروت في ناس وفي أشيا ما بتموت
    والله معك يا بيروت...وللي بعدن ببيروت

  • At ٧/٨/٠٦ ٧:٥٣ ص, Blogger Unknown said…

    hisham, you commented that we're lucky we have beirut
    that's how i felt when i saw eve's post. i felt that we're lucky as tough as it is to see this now. like mama told me last time i talked to her. she said you had to be here to see the love we have for eachother and for our country. then i realized, all these people protesting and crying around the world for lebanon. and how much we love it and love it more even it hurts. i realized that we're lucky we love our country so much and that people who hear eve's words ought to be jealous, even now... it takes this to make us know how much we're afraid to lose lebanon and how much we love our country and for that we're lucky. even when lebanon bleeds, it is the dearest patient.

  • At ٧/٨/٠٦ ٧:٥٦ ص, Blogger jooj said…

    Thx for posting it eve and to Ramzi for helping embed it. Mirvat's translation is very nice as well.

    Kudos to your "bi beirut"'s beautiful wording.

  • At ٧/٨/٠٦ ٨:٠١ ص, Blogger ibn_abdel_aziz said…

    Very well written post , and the narration performance is so impressive.

  • At ٧/٨/٠٦ ٩:١٠ ص, Blogger The Sixth Sense said…

    Eve's post made me cry, Jooj's voice made me cry again, and now Mirvat's translation added a final touch to this piece of art.

    I'm listening to it and reading both the arabic and english versions while i'm working, my colleagues like it soo much. Thank u all indeed!

    I suggest that you post this somewhere else too: maybe a magazine, a newspaper, on the radio... any volunteer?

  • At ٧/٨/٠٦ ١٠:٢١ ص, Anonymous غير معرف said…

    I did the same like sixth sense...u made me cry...beautiful work guys..

  • At ٧/٨/٠٦ ١١:١٠ ص, Blogger Unknown said…

    i just realized how i missed my name in arabic. i miss everything arabic. i've been such a fool to think that i need to get away and only now i know that all i ever loved i already had back home.

  • At ٧/٨/٠٦ ٢:٤٣ م, Blogger Laila K said…

    i love it, great voice jooj :)

  • At ٧/٨/٠٦ ٣:٤٩ م, Anonymous غير معرف said…

    really wow...
    fi 7elow, bass a7la min hek ma fi...

  • At ٧/٨/٠٦ ٥:٤٣ م, Blogger Arabian Princess said…

    I think its the class Lebenese people have that makes people attached .. I havent met alot of them, but all who I met are honourable people .. "adameen" :)

  • At ٧/٨/٠٦ ٩:١٤ م, Blogger Amal Ziad Kaawash أمل زياد كعوش said…

    *thumbs up*

    I like. I encourage.

    Beirout never dies ..

  • At ٨/٨/٠٦ ٤:٣٨ ص, Blogger Mar said…

    Heart-warmingly nostalgic.Bit3a'd
    I loved it when I first read, got a different taste to it with Jooj's voice.
    Beirut Ma bitmoot.

  • At ٨/٨/٠٦ ٨:٥٢ ص, Blogger حـدوتـة said…

    جميلة جداً جداً يا إيف

  • At ٨/٨/٠٦ ١١:٤٣ ص, Blogger Ghada said…

    Breath-taking bgad

  • At ٨/٨/٠٦ ١:٥٨ م, Blogger Pianist said…


  • At ٨/٨/٠٦ ٥:٠٣ م, Blogger Hilal CHOUMAN said…

    قصتنا من أول الزمان:
    "يتجرح لبنان،
    يتهدم لبنان"

    بقولو مات
    وما بموت

    وبيرجع من حجارو
    بيعلّي بيوت

  • At ٩/٨/٠٦ ٧:٠٨ ص, Blogger arch.memory said…

    I needed a good cry. All evening long, it's been stuck in my throat. And then I came here to see what's new, and I saw that you posted the audio here. And I knew that was exactly what I needed...

  • At ٩/٨/٠٦ ١١:٢١ ص, Blogger Doc said…

    I wonder when this madness who cost so many innocent lives on both sides will ever end? My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • At ١٦/٨/٠٦ ١٠:٢٧ ص, Anonymous غير معرف said…

    nice post,so does the narration performance is so impressive.

  • At ٤/٩/٠٦ ٤:٣٣ ص, Blogger Y. M. S. said…

    I wish I knew you when I was still in Lebanon.

  • At ٣/٢/٠٧ ٤:٥٢ م, Anonymous غير معرف said…

    أزال أحد مشرفي المدونة هذا التعليق.

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