هنا، ألوذ في هدأة هذا الليل براحةٍ من قيظ النّهار. هنا، أحوك في الفكر خواطر، وأولّد على الشّفة بنات. هنا، ابتسامات حنين ترجّع صدى طفولةٍ نائية، وقصص حبّ طواها الزّمن. هنا، حلمٌ بغدٍ أجمل
Have you ever been dooced?
Losing your job because of your blog? Who would have thought such a day would come? Well, it did. What's more, this phenomenon has now a specific term, describing it: "dooce"!
Dooce is actually the blog of the person who was first to encounter this kind of strange accident( Indeed, a subtitle indicates she was fired for this website in 2002. I'm guessing translations for this term will display a certain amount of creativity!

However, this is not all. Check out a whole list of fired bloggers:

After all that, you probably won't be surprised to find out there is now an International Blogger's Bill of Rights, on the following site:

I hope this doesn't stop all of you from expressing your thoughts, clearly and freely. So, keep on working those brains. They will never scare us, will they?

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