هنا، ألوذ في هدأة هذا الليل براحةٍ من قيظ النّهار. هنا، أحوك في الفكر خواطر، وأولّد على الشّفة بنات. هنا، ابتسامات حنين ترجّع صدى طفولةٍ نائية، وقصص حبّ طواها الزّمن. هنا، حلمٌ بغدٍ أجمل
مش طايقة! مش طايقة! مش طايقااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااة!

كتير زوّدتوها!

عن جدّ كتير!!!!!
  • At ١٤/٢/٠٥ ٥:٢٧ م, Blogger Shurouq said…

    Eve babe,

    Take a deep breath and think "this too will pass"..

    Our hearts are with you!

  • At ١٤/٢/٠٥ ٥:٣٥ م, Blogger Eman said…

    Hey Eve, what's wrong! why are you so stressed?! :(

    No matter what it is, don't let anything get into you. Rest a bit and get back stronger than ever :)

  • At ١٤/٢/٠٥ ٥:٥٦ م, Blogger Eve said…

    Hey girls,
    Thx you both for your support.. Eman, sorry I didn't clarify what this is about. The Lebanese ex-Prime Minister, Rafic Hariri, along with innocent civilians, are dead. assasinated. I'm sad li2anno I feel inno ra7et 3al balad. This is too much.

  • At ١٤/٢/٠٥ ٦:١٥ م, Blogger Shurouq said…

    Itha ra7et 3ala lebnan ra7et 3aleina kilna.

    I know how depressing this is, but let us all hope this won't escalate into something bigger.

  • At ١٤/٢/٠٥ ٧:١٧ م, Blogger Ramzi said…

    I'm wildly fluctuating between anger, shock, sadness, denial... time seems to have stopped at noon today. Sometimes looking at the TV screen I doubt if this has really happened. But the big black plume of smoke and debris I can see out my window confirms it is true.
    It's TRUE?!
    How could it be true?????

    If you need to talk about it, I do too. Mail me your phone number if you wish...

    Keep in touch

  • At ١٤/٢/٠٥ ١٠:٣٦ م, Blogger BLUESMAN said…

    لا أعرف ماذا يمكن القول في مثل هذا الموقف
    لا أعرف كيف يتجرأ البعض علي حرمان الاخرين من الحياة وزرع الحزن في انفس النساء والخوف في اعين الأطفال
    باسم اي دين
    ملعونة فكرة الوطن اذا كانت تخفي في طياتها الموت والبشاعة
    يرحمه الله
    أما انت ايف فبحجم رقتك تحملين قلبا قادرا علي الصمود في وجه الحزن

  • At ١٥/٢/٠٥ ١:٣٦ ص, Blogger Mohammed said…

    لا يوجد ما يقال حقيقة
    دعواتي ان لا تتطور الامور للأسوء....

  • At ١٥/٢/٠٥ ٩:١٩ ص, Blogger GlimmerMan said…

    Hi Eve,

    Pull you self together my friend .. shock .. sadness .. denial .. break down .. all will brew down to blind anger and the urge to lash at somebody or something .. that's exactly what they want .. to push beloved Lebanon back to the gray days of war .. Walid Gonbolat - the secondary target - was armed at the press conference yesterday !!

    The good man "Hariri" would've wanted you and every other Lebanese to stand firm and protect the miracle of Lebanon that he made possible.

    As a larger-than-life a figure as he was .. Lebanon is larger .. and far more important to keep in peace and unity .. I wish I could hold you and wipe your tears and those of all the beloved Lebanese .. but the fact is that there is no time for tears .. by the time you stop crying Lebanon may have been lost ..

    My heart and my thoughts with you ..

  • At ١٥/٢/٠٥ ٩:٥٠ ص, Blogger Eman said…

    Dear Eve,
    I heard the terrible news, but I was afraid you're upset coz of something else.
    Anyway I agree with our friends up there, it is a very sad thing, but never lose hope. Lebanon stood up after a brutal war, and became one of the best and most beautiful Middle Eastern countries. It will remain so if you the Lebanese people kept your determination and faith in your country.
    May his soul rest in peace, and may our beloved Lebanon be protected, and inshallah the ones who did will not get away with it.
    I'm so sad the Arab world lost a successful figure such as Al Hariri.
    Allah Yir7amoh.
    Hold on Eve, it will not trou7 3ala Lobnan as long as there are loving and caring Lebanese as yourself.

  • At ١٥/٢/٠٥ ٢:٢٠ م, Anonymous غير معرف said…

    Thx u guys.. What can I say? Inshallah kheir!

  • At ١٦/٢/٠٥ ٥:٣١ ص, Blogger Farooha said…

    This is a great loss for al3alam al3araby beakmaleh..Lebanon especially, but the Arab world as a whole.
    He is a great loss for us Saudis as well, since his starting point was here and he owns schools and shops and many different things here. The news truly shook us too.
    Yet, I'm very certain the Lebanese can pull through, just like Eiman's said.
    Especially you Eve, I may never comment (because your dialect is too great for me) but through my readings I've found out that you're one of the most brilliant arabian bloggers I've come to read.
    If the rest of the Lebanese are half as great as you are..

    you guys are fine..

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