هنا، ألوذ في هدأة هذا الليل براحةٍ من قيظ النّهار. هنا، أحوك في الفكر خواطر، وأولّد على الشّفة بنات. هنا، ابتسامات حنين ترجّع صدى طفولةٍ نائية، وقصص حبّ طواها الزّمن. هنا، حلمٌ بغدٍ أجمل
Two things to tell you..
I just received this by email. I don't know about you, but it's definitely worth the try!

"Try this:
'How to start each day with a positive outlook'
1. Open a new file in your PC.
2. Name it "Emile Lahoud"
3. Send it to the trash.
4. Empty the trash.
5. Your PC will ask you, "Do you really want to get rid of Emile Lahoud?"
6. Answer calmly, "Yes," and press the mouse button firmly.

Since I started doing this each morning, I have been so relaxed the whole day!!!!"

On another level, we've been hearing rumors, in the office, about the death of Bassel Fleihan. Should I wish they were true? I'm not sure. The man has, truly, suffered a lot; and it's not easy to live with 98% of burns in your body... May he rest in peace.
  • At ١٨/٤/٠٥ ١:٣٦ م, Blogger lori said…

    أزال أحد مشرفي المدونة هذا التعليق.

  • At ١٨/٤/٠٥ ٨:١٤ م, Blogger linalone said…

    Hi Eve,
    i hoped too when i heard that Mr Flayhan was dead that this is true. Let's hope he rests in peace!

  • At ١٩/٤/٠٥ ١٢:٤٠ ص, Blogger Muhammad Aladdin said…

    اسلوبك رشيق و ذكي و مسلي كالعادة
    شكرا يا ايف علي كل سطر جديد بتكتبيه


  • At ٢٠/٤/٠٥ ١٢:٢٠ ص, Blogger Lebanos said…

    Marhaba, WARNING: dont click on "lori" links in his comment because this is only a spam and full of the ugly side of Internet.

    The right side bar jumps up and down maybe because you use Justify for your paagraphs. Try to edit your last 7 posts by choosing Right direction or Left direction. Justify in arabic paragraphs gives elegant sides but it may cause the side bar to jump up or down.

    80 women in one place in Jordan!!! Are you planning a revolution or what?

    Good Luck.

  • At ٢٠/٤/٠٥ ١٢:٢١ م, Blogger Eve said…

    Marhabtein Lebanos,
    thx for the warning. I didn't check her links of course, and I just deleted her comment in any case.

    You're right, justifying is more elegant, and I'd hate to see my blog without it. but I'll try it and see the outcome. thx for the advice.

    yeah, you can name it a revolution if you want. and I've just heard some good news concerning this: Kuwaiti women are now allowed to vote in municipality elections! Anyway, Jordan workshop was an interesting experience.

  • At ٢٥/٤/٠٥ ١:٣١ ص, Blogger Omar Mostafa said…

    Salaam Eve, just a question, should the file be named "Emile Lahoud"?! I mean what if I name it "Hosni Mubarak", do u think that the trick works and I steal a nice day at once? :-D
    thanx for the smile u gave

  • At ٢٥/٤/٠٥ ٢:٤٠ م, Blogger Eve said…

    ya hala Omar :-),
    I think all Arab countries are welcomed to adjust it and try the trick..

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