هنا، ألوذ في هدأة هذا الليل براحةٍ من قيظ النّهار. هنا، أحوك في الفكر خواطر، وأولّد على الشّفة بنات. هنا، ابتسامات حنين ترجّع صدى طفولةٍ نائية، وقصص حبّ طواها الزّمن. هنا، حلمٌ بغدٍ أجمل
A New Tag
Farah tagged me with these questions. Thx for thinking of me Farooha, those are always fun to answer. I have to say though: at some point, it seemed to me like I was filling an application for getting married, and that those questions were originally written by a matchmaker. Hope not :)) ! Yalla, here we go!

1- What does Love mean to you?
All I know is that when I'm in love, I do crazy things I never thought I would do before. When I'm in love, I become creative.

2- What does Marriage mean to you?
Understanding how to meet your partner half-way. You start thinking for two, and know that it won't always be your way; it won't be his/her way as well. There will be a new way.

3- Do you believe in love at first sight?
I believe in the sparkle at first sight. If I sense no sparkle, I may like the guy later, but it just won't be the same.

4- How many children would you like?
I don't know. I haven't sensed a strong bond to children yet. But maybe two or three. A few years earlier, I used to have a crush on Chinese children, especially little girls with silky black hair (or from Vietnam, Japan etc...) I even thought it would be great if I married a Chinese man later, just to have Chinese children!

5-If given the opportunity, what song would you sing for me on my wedding day?
Does that mean you'll invite me Farooha ;-)? Anyway, trust me, the last thing you'd want on your wedding day is me, singing.

6- What is your favorite holiday destination?
Somewhere between Vienna, Prague or Paris... However, my currently favorite Holiday destination is definitely Russia, where I'll be in a week or so. yaaaaaay! I'm so excited!!

7-What are three qualities you would look for in a man?
Hmmm... I'd prefer a tendency for reading, writing or anything artful, ya3neh more inclined to the literary part rather than having purely technical taste... someone firm, with a sense of leadership, that is, definitely not hesitant... + who can still make me laugh from time to time.

8- What are the three qualities and three bad habits that you have?
Qualities: 1- I like to be helpful, 2. I'm mostly punctual, and hand my work on time, 3. ma ba3ref, ask my friends...

Bad habits:1- I remember too much, 2- I have to learn how to wait, 3- I'm bad with apologies.

9-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Achieving the professional success I've always sought. As for other things, I don't really think about the future much. I just hope it would be better; and if, one way or the other, this wasn't meant to be, my present is not bad as well. I guess what I'm trying to say is: I see myself happier than today; if not, still happy.
  • At ٢٨/٧/٠٥ ٣:٢٠ ص, Blogger Muhammad Aladdin said…

    استمتعت و انا بقرا التاج ده
    عيال صيني؟ ربنا يرضي عنك يا اختي

  • At ٢٩/٧/٠٥ ١:٥٩ ص, Anonymous غير معرف said…

    Ur answers r like appetizers that only make one wants to ask more:)
    I don't know whether u watched a movie called "the grudge" or not.. believe me if u do u'll be scared from all the chinese, japanese.. and any {yelloweese} child... there's a frightening japanese bambino in there who can make u hate all the children all over the world..
    If u figure out a way for being "bad in apologies" tell me as i have the same problem

  • At ٢٩/٧/٠٥ ١٠:٣٢ ص, Blogger Eve said…

    No, I haven't watched it. Are you planning to make me change my mind about adorable Chinese girls, Mister ;-)?
    w ba3dein, you, bad at apologies? I can't imagine you'd do something to apologize for in the first place :)

  • At ٢٩/٧/٠٥ ١٢:١٣ م, Blogger Amr Faham said…

    hey, my name is Amr
    i came across your blog accidently, i liked the photos of the shors...

  • At ٢٩/٧/٠٥ ١:٥٨ م, Blogger Eve said…

    Thx Amr &welcome to this blog.

  • At ٣٠/٧/٠٥ ٣:٢٥ م, Blogger Farooha said…

    LOL @ Chinese Children. I think a mixture of you and chinese would be really pleasant. But the same wouldn't go for me :| That would be pretty scary actually hehe.

    Some of your qualities:
    3- Eloquent.
    4- Extremely wise.

    BTW: you're going to Russia? Is it nice there? I don't know but the media always left me under the impression that it's tooo cold and scary and full of Russian mobs. But then again, it is just the media after all.

  • At ٣١/٧/٠٥ ١:٥٢ ص, Blogger Eve said…

    wow! thx Farooha, I'm blushing :-)

    well, I've heard a lot of comments about theft and mobs in Russia. But as you said, it is: "the media", and you have to know which media, of course. Anyway, weather wise, August is said to be the perfect time; and tourism wise, there are a lot of nice places to visit. It's still an exotic place for me, and I'm ready to explore it :-)

    Btw, I'm still waiting to continue some "unfinished conversation"... It's been a while since we msn-ed, and I'm curious as to what happened ;-)

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